Welcome to The Prophetic Training Center

The purpose of the Prophetic Training Center is to introduce students to the prophetic spheres as it relates to operating in spiritual giftings, the prophet’s mantle or as a 5-fold ministry gifts or marketplace leader. The aim of the Prophetic Training Center is to help men, women and children discover their purpose, calling and destiny while empowering them to serve and grow in the Kingdom of God.

Our Vision

The vision of the ECM Prophetic Training Center is to train, equip and produce spiritually mature, biblically sound Christian leaders who will transform their nations, their cultures and the global marketplace.

Our Mission

The overall mission of the ECM Prophetic Training Center is to produce spiritual, faithful, informed, intelligent and articulate ambassadors who dominate and operate powerfully in their ministry gifts and the prophetic realms in which they have been called to rule.

Why Choose Us

The Prophetic Institute courses consist of eighteen separate subjects that address the prophetic from a variety of perspectives.

The Prophetic Training Center is a comprehensive learning institution committed to developing the complete ministerial potential of every student. A strong biblical prophetic structure underpins the curriculum which seeks to challenge preconceptions and misconceptions relating to the spiritual and supernatural spheres and the functionality of the Ephesians 4:11 officers and the Romans 12 gifts. Our academic rigor not only produces superior spiritual knowledge but it fosters character development as well.

Classes start at $99. Prices vary based on course track.

Payment Options

Tuition will be due by the beginning of each semester. The following payment options (cash, check, credit card) are available for all students:

Option One: Full payment (including the $50 nonrefundable application fee) on or before the first day of class.
Option Two: Pay $50 non-refundable application fee and pay the balance in two equal installments by the 2nd week of class.

Our Awesome Skills

Cultivating The Prophetic Mindset 100%
Developing 5 Fold Officers 100%
Spiritual Growth & Development 100%
Maturing Prophets 100%

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