Why The Prophetic Training Center

Listed Below Is How The Prophetic Training Center Will Assist You In Cultivating The Prophetic In Your Life?

Our Classes are User Friendly

If you aren’t that computer saavy, our classes are simple to understand and manevuer.

The Prophetic Training Center Works On Any Device

We allow you to be able to take your classes 24/7 from your mobile phone to your desktop

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are well versed in the subject matter they teach and have been taught under the tutelege of Chief Prophet Cynthia Thompson.

Take Classes At Your Own Pace

We want you to have the flexibility you need to take our classes.

Powerful Teaching/Training

We have various courses that will aid in changing the trajectory of your life.

Diverse Courses

We have courses ranging from foundational to advance to accomodate learning at all levels.

  • Our Philosophy


    The philosophy of the ECM Prophetic Training Center is to provide educational and life-enriching experiences to our students by instilling the core values of holiness, character and integrity coupled with the drive towards superior leadership, commitment, excellence, dedication and perseverance both in service within the church and the global marketplace.

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  • Our Purpose


    The purpose of the Prophetic Training Center is to introduce students to the prophetic spheres as it relates to operating in spiritual giftings, the prophet’s mantle or as a 5-fold ministry gifts or marketplace leader. The aim of the Prophetic Training Center is to help men, women and children discover their purpose, calling and destiny while empowering them to serve and grow in the Kingdom of God.

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    The overall mission of the ECM Prophetic Training Center is to produce spiritual, faithful, informed, intelligent and articulate ambassadors who dominate and operate powerfully in their ministry gifts and the prophetic realms in which they have been called to rule.

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Meet Our Team

We build with love and this great professional team